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Recently a “new” web site was launched: Traffic Syphon. Unfortunately the web site is not new. The product was sold in January this year on the warrior forum. After it was successful there, the whole product was sold for $40,000 to another owner and he then relaunched the whole thing.

There is a long thread discussing the product Traffic Syphon of the Warrior Forum. Based on the discussions, it looks like there is some valid information inside the product. But it looks like it is not presented in an honest way.

Traffic Syphon is presented as the newest and best thing, while it is some stuff from nine months ago. That does not mean that the product is bad or that it does not work. But if it is a relaunch of an existing product, it is better to say that, instead of misleading the consumer.

Here is a review that was posted on the Warrior Forum about Traffic Syphon by Kym Lawn

I jumped in and purchased traffic siphon yesterday morning – 24 hours later I have refunded…


There is some great info in there, just not particularly new information.
It is important to note that the basic level also includes a 30 day trial of siphonX which has a $52AUD monthly subscription continuity (yes you do agree to this at original purchase time)

The first video is on how to get traffic to your ezine articles – This was mentioned in a webinar I attended a couple of days ago and has had numberous WSO’s devoted to the method.

The vids are quite well done. Very informative, there are PDF transcripts of the vids and also a cheat sheet step by step how to do it.

There is, from memory, about 16 videos in the first layer.

There are 2 upsells, of which I purchased both, one $197 USD to give you access to the software, which I didn’t fully understand or use, and some more videos exposing super secret methods one of which was RSS.

The other upsell was to an exclusive mega information section originally about $400 (?) and then downscale to $67. I got the $67 version which included 3 sites done for you, and a package of 50 (?) newsletters supposedly the best of the best in IM.

How I felt during the process

I felt that I was trapped in a sales funnel and that if I didn’t purchase the next level I would miss out on some vital part of the puzzle.

After I had put away my trusty credit card, I felt exhausted and cheated, a little like having bad sex

I spent yesterday going through some of the videos. Granted, maybe for a complete novice to IM and the backlinking process, it would be a good course.

I am still at a loss to see where all the traffic is being siphoned from at a click of a button with the all new methods being talked about.

Maybe I am being particularly blond today and have missed some vital point in the process

Oh well…

Based on all the data at hand, I can not recommend to buy the product. If you are curious to see what is inside, go ahead and order it, but be prepared to ask for a refund, if it does not deliver what was promised to you.

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First Published: September 16, 2010 at 4:16 pm


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